Prize Policy/FAQ

Wyoming HamCon 2019 Prize Policy/FAQ


1. What is the structure of your prize program?

2. How does all this work?

3. Do I have to be present to win?

4. How do I know if I have to be present?

5. How are the drawings run?

6. Are hamfest officials and staff eligible for drawings?

7. Why am I signing this thank-you card?


Q: What is the structure of your prize program?


We offer prizes in three categories:

Grand prizes / major prizes

Forum prizes


All these categories have uniquely colored prize tickets and their own means of anointing a winner.



Q: How does all this work?


Let’s look at the categories one by one:


Grand and major prizes – Tickets for these (green) are $2 each. You can buy them when you pre-register or at the hamfest prize booth, and you can buy as many as you want. Each of these prizes will have a clearly labeled bucket at the prize booth. You must fill out the ticket, writing your name, call sign (if any), and phone number in the spaces provided. Then put your ticket in the bucket. Drawings for these prizes will be held on Saturday afternoon after the last forums end.


Forum prizes – You won’t need additional tickets for these. Tickets will be given out for attending each forum. We’ll draw forum prize winners using tickets we draw randomly from the prize bucket. The staff records and posts the winner and prize on a whiteboard by the registration desk. You must claim your door prize before the banquet. Otherwise, we will add it to the prizes available for the banquet.


Q: Do I have to be present to win a prize?


It depends on the prize category. For some, you must be present; no proxies allowed. For others, you may have someone else (a proxy) hand in your winning ticket and claim the prize on your behalf.

Important: If the prize allows for proxies and you have someone claim a prize for you, you must write your proxy’s name on your prize ticket, then sign your name as well, before you give that person the ticket. Otherwise the staff will not accept the proxy.

If the prize requires that you must be present to win, you must present your winning ticket immediately. The winning ticket number, your name, and your call will be announced three times. You must claim the prize within that period. If you don’t, we’ll draw another ticket and announce a new winner.

Q: How do I know if I must be present?

Here are your cues:

Grand or major prize: You do not need to be present at the drawing to win this prize. The hamfest staff will draw for this prize in public, announce the winner, and hand the prize to the winner or ship it to the winner. Be sure your name, call sign, address and phone number are on your ticket.

Forum prizes: You must be present to win.


Q: How are the drawings run?

The Prize Committee will select each raffle’s ticket-puller. The puller will clearly announce each prize before pulling the first ticket. Pullers will draw tickets one at a time, in full view of everyone, then hand each ticket to the announcer. We’ll post the number on a white board or on video screens, whichever are available. Except for forum prizes, ticket numbers will be removed as people claim their prizes. We will record the name, call sign, and contact information for each winner in case we need to get in touch with them later.


Q: Are hamfest officials and staff eligible for drawings?

Yes, if they registered for the hamfest.

Q: Why are you asking me to sign this thank-you card?

We’ll only do that if the prize was donated by a vendor or a manufacturer. It’s a courtesy we like to extend to those who have supported this event. It’s an especially nice touch when it comes from the prize recipient.