These Grand Prizes will be drawn at the Saturday evening banquet, May 27th. No, you do not have to be present to win as long as you have your contact information written on the ticket stub you place in the hopper!

A special thanks to the ShyWy ARC in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for serving as the prize selection committee and purchasing agent!

Raffle Tickets: $2 each, 6 for $10, or 15 for $20


1st Grand Prize

Yaesu FT-817ND HF + 50/144/430 MHz Multimode Transceiver $700.00
HF + 50/144/430 MHz QRP Multi Mode Portable Transceiver with Battery and Charger

2nd Grand Prize

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station A plug-and-play, silent, fume-free power station
for short outages, garages, events, or wherever you need portable power. The Goal Zero Yeti 150
Portable Power Station is a gas-free source of portable power to keep lights, phones and laptops
powered on through any situation.
Nomad 20 Solar Panel Large foldable panel ensures you’re collecting the most power from the
sun for your gear. Utilize the built-in USB port or pair with a Goal Zero portable power pack to
charge your gear day or night.

3rd Grand Prize

Buddipole Deluxe Package $400.00
The Buddipole™ Deluxe Package includes everything you need for setting up an efficient
portable antenna solution anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. The package includes the
following custom components which all fit into the padded cordura nylon custom-carrying bag.

4th Grand Prize

Yaesu FTM-100R 144/430Mhz Dual Band Digital Tranceiver $300.00
FTM-100DR C4FM/FM Analog 144/430MHz Dual Band Digital Transceiver
The FTM-100DR’s Dot-Matrix Display and Single Receiver design make it the ideal radio for both entry level
and advanced Digital Radio enthusiasts.

5th Grand Prize

RidgExpert AA-30 HF Antenna Analyzer ( – 0.1 to 30 MHz ) $210.00
RigExpert AA-30 and AA-54 are powerful antenna analyzers designed for testing, checking,
tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines.

6th & 7th Grand Prizes

CS580 UHF Radio $130.00
The CS580 is one of our most exciting new products that we have designed in the past 30 years.
This DMR radio is designed specifically for the amateur radio operators and offers the best value
in the DMR market. The radio includes a number of unique and advanced features and is easy to

8th Grand Prize

PackTenna Mini – 9:1 $90.00
This compact wire antenna is ideal for SOTA activations, camping, backpacking, and travel. The
PackTenna Mini Random Wire Antenna combines a 9:1 UNUN, winder and antenna wire in a
compact unit that is quick to set up and take down. The antenna comes with 40′ of 26 AWG
copper clad steel wire with a great “silky” jacket to minimize wire tangle. You can cut the wire to
fit your needs. Typically a length that is not a multiple of a quarter wave on any ham band is
best. We recommend cutting the antenna wire to about 29 feet. This antenna requires an antenna

9th Grand Prize

Go-PWR Kit Portable Power $70.00
Whether you’re planning a QRP “lark in the park” for an afternoon, building a VHF-UHF
EmComm go-kit, or just looking for on-the-go backup power, start with our brand new Go-PWR
Includes our heavy duty go-bag, 7AH rechargeable gel cell battery, charger, and a fused cable
that fits the battery and provides power through Anderson Powerpoles (of course!) and a lighter

10th Grand Prize

ARRL Handbook (2017 Softcover Edition) $49.99
This 94th edition of The ARRL Handbook is a cornerstone of radio experimentation, discovery,
and achievement. First introduced in 1926 as The Radio Amateur’s Handbook,
today’s Handbook is a comprehensive technical reference used by radio amateurs,
experimenters, students, and practicing engineers.



Forum Prizes

These prizes will be awarded at the end of forums!

The RF Adaptor Guy Gift Certificate for $10

  • This guy has EVERYTHING you need to mount those non-matching antennas and radios
  • RF Connectors
  • Adapters
  • Antennas
  • Accessories
  • …And a whole lot more

Easy SWR Indicator $15.00

  • Designed for power levels of 0.2 to 5 Watts
  • Provides protection for transmitter by limiting reflected power during tuneup
  • Indicates match to antenna by dimming of LED
  • Constructed on a 1.5x 2.5 inch printed circuit board
  • Includes board mounted BNC connectors.

Easy Low Pass Filter $15.00

  • Versions available for 80, 40, 30 and 20 Meter bands
  • Power handling up to 100W under matched conditions
  • Reduction of harmonics by more than 50dB
  • Constructed on a 1.75x 3.5 inch printed circuit board
  • Designed to be placed inline between a transmitter and antenna
  • Includes board mounted BNC connectors and all necessary parts

Easy Field Strength Indicator $15.00

  • Provides a visual monitor of RF fields through the brightness of an LED
  • Responds to fields from approximately 1MHz to a few hundred MHz
  • Circuit board is 1.75×1.75 inches
  • Uses a high brightness LED to indicate field intensity
  • Powered by a 2032 coin cell battery or external 3-9V power source
  • Can be built into a housing or used stand alone

Easy TR Switch $20.00

  • A simple switch to provide transmit receive switching
  • Has two separate switched sets of contacts
  • RF sensing built in and activates with as little as 100mW of RF
  • Can be hard keyed by grounding pins on control header
  • Handles 150W of RF over 160-6M

Easy Receiver $25.00

  • Easy to build and use.
  • No toroids to wind and only one adjustment to set the receive frequency.
  • Assembles in 1-2 hours.
  • Covers approximately 75kHz of the 40M band.
  • Direct conversion design with a bandpass filter, NE602 mixer and LM386 audio amplifier.
  • Mates with our Easy Transmitter and Easy Audio Filter to make a QRP station.

Easy Audio Bandpass Filter $25.00

  • A basic audio filter kit with preamp, op-amp filter and LM386 audio amp to drive headphones or speaker
  • Has a peak in response that is tunable from approximately 300Hz to 2Khz
  • Tuning and volume pots for adjustment
  • Build in 1-2 hours or less
  • Designed for use with our Easy RX kits or other radios to add audio filtering

Dummy Load (Through Hole) $15.00

  • The 10 Watt (DC-150MHz) 50 Ohm Dummy Load/Power Meter kit is available as either a through hole, or SMT (Surface Mount Technology) version.
  • In addition to the dummy load, each version has an on board Schottky diode that rectifies the RF voltage and provides a peak detected output.
  • With the use of an inexpensive 11 Megohm digital voltmeter, it will provide accurate power measurements from about 0.5 watts to 10.0 watts.
  • You chose which version best suits your needs. The through hole option can be assembled with common soldering tools and techniques, and the SMT alternative is good training kit for anyone wanting to gain some experience using simple SMT techniques with 1206 size components.
  • Both versions of the kit include all the necessary components, connectors and a circuit board.
  • Total assembly time ~1 hour.

Tayloe Battery Status Indicator Kit $15.00

  • Displays battery voltage using a 3 color LED
  • LED changes color depending on battery voltage level
  • Voltage points settable anywhere between 4.5 and 16 volts.
  • Can be easily installed into a PFR-3 or other radio case
  • Can be mounted to a case by drilling 2 holes

Power Attenuator Kit $10.00

  • A basic, inline power attenuator kit.
  • Uses 3 watt resistors Configured in a T network.
  • Rated for 5W continuous power and up to 20W intermittently
  • Available in 3dB, 6dB or 10db attenuation levels

Wall Wart Tamer V2 $20.00

  • Takes in AC or DC and provides clean, adjustable DC output
  • Reuse those surplus wall warts or computer supplies as DC power sources
  • Bridge rectifier, Capacitive filtering and LM317 Adjustable Regulator
  • Recommended Input voltage range of 5-25 Volts
  • Output adjustable from 1.25V to approximately 3V below the input voltage
  • Supplies up to 1.5A current
  • Board size of 2.3” x 4.3”

Simple Keyer Chip Keyer Kit $15.00

  • Speed range of 5 to 30 wpm
  • Operates in either iambic A or B mode, with B being the default
  • 2 message memories of 29 characters each
  • Tune and Beacon modes
  • Built on a 1 inch by 1.5 inch circuit board
  • If panel mounted, only two holes needed

Code Practice Oscillator Kit $10.00

  • This kit is offered to initiate the first time builder in the various techniques of mechanical and electronic kit construction. At the end of the approximately one hour project, the builder will produce a code practice oscillator to generate International Morse code, and bring about interest in ham radio.
  • This is a very basic, easy to assemble kit with all the components supplied. The professionally fabricated printed circuit board, electronic and mechanical components, and battery are all included.
  • The tools required are an inexpensive 20 watt soldering iron, hand drill, 1/8″ dia. drill bit, rosin core solder, small side cutters, needle nose pliers, file, phillips screwdriver, and a centerpunch. The builder will begin the project by learning how to identify the various mechanical and electronic components. Then, step by step, assemble the project to produce a working code practice oscillator.
  • The builder will first check the parts inventory. This will teach identifying the various components, and then assembling the printed circuit board. The circuit will then be tested for operation before proceeding to the mechanical portion. The use of simple hand tools is required, and the youngest builders will require adult assistance and supervision. Soldering components is required, so if you have never soldered components before, seek an “Elmer” to learn basic soldering techniques. A working kit is assured by following the instructions below, and will build confidence to pursue more complex kits as construction skills are mastered.

Electret Microphone $15.00

  • Sensitivity: 44±(0dB=1V/Pa,1KHZ)
  • Output impedance: 2.2K ohm (Max)
  • Frequency Range: 70-20KHz
  • Standard operating Voltage: 3.0V
  • Current Consumption: 0.5mA(Max)
  • S/N ratio: >58dB


6 new NPOTA sweatshirts will be given away as door prizes at the NPOTA forum!


The Yaesu  FTDX1200 that we’ll be using for the W1AW/WY7 station will also be up for auction to the highest bidder (a minimum bid must be met first).

And everyone that operates the station gets a Yaesu hat!