Forums – 2019

Our forum schedule for Saturday, September 7

Doors open at 7:30 AM

Times and Locations TBD



Nick Schilling, Wind Power
Jerry Boone, WY7JB Solar Power
84th CST Civil Support Team
John Cranmer, WY7VAF

Robert Garrison, WY7RG

Air Force Army MARS
Rick Breininger, N1TEK ARRL Wyoming Section Meeting
National Weather Service Weather ballons
Guest Speaker Norm Fusaro, W3IZ ARRL Speaker









Bob Overton, WA7JRF has been a licensed ham since 1970. He worked in telecommunications 35yrs for the BNSF railroad, and taught Electronics at Yakima Valley JR College and held a Commercial Radio Telephone license for 37years. He instructed electronics in the Navy, also Leadership, Land Navigation and Maintenance in the Army. He is a retired Army First Sargent, and has served as Section Technical Advisor and two tours as Section Emergency Coordinator.

This forum covers protecting two meter repeaters and base stations with a quarter wave shorted stub. Bob will teach the theory of a quarter wave shorted stub and how it can be used to protect radio equipment, and also a little about grounding towers and equipment.