Forums – 2019

Our forum schedule for Saturday, September 7

Doors open at 7:30 AM

Times and Locations


9:00 National Weather Service Weather Ballons
10:00 Bob Overton, WA7JFR ARES
11:00 Jerry Boone, WY7JB Solar Power
12:30 John Cranmer, WY7VAF

Robert Garrison, WY7RG

Air Force Army MARS
13:30 84th CST Civil Support Team
14:30 Mark Harris, W7MOH Section Legislature Affairs Officer
15:30 Rick Breininger, N1TEK

Jeff Ryan, K0RM

Wyoming Section Meeting

Rocky Mountain Division Mtg

16:30 Norm Fusaro, W3IZ ARRL Speaker

8:00 VE Session WY7GC, K7EMR, KI7URL, WY7JB








Bob Overton, WA7JRF has been a licensed ham since 1970. He worked in telecommunications 35yrs for the BNSF railroad, and taught Electronics at Yakima Valley JR College and held a Commercial Radio Telephone license for 37years. He instructed electronics in the Navy, also Leadership, Land Navigation and Maintenance in the Army. He is a retired Army First Sargent, and has served as Section Technical Advisor and two tours as Section Emergency Coordinator.

Jerry Boone, WY7JB is an extra class ham and a solar power enthusiast.  He first learned about solar systems by installing them on RV’s while working as an RV Technician.  This “on the job” experience combined with outside research led him to install solar power on his own RV in 2005, allowing Jerry and his wife Pat to travel full time and be completely off the grid in the RV for the next three years.  They then built a home, installed a solar system and continued their solar power lifestyle to this day.  Jerry’s seminar will be at a beginners level and will focus on how YOU can assemble a small system and how YOU can be somewhat self sufficient in a grid down or off grid situation.  Whether you’re wanting to power you radio or your refrigerator, you’ll find this seminar a good starting point towards some level of energy independence.